Hitachi 2500 Adaptable Modular Storage

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Hitachi 2500 Adaptable Modular Storage

The best performance available in a model that scales to 480 disk drives. Ideal for large and enterprise businesses, Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2500 is a highly reliable, flexible and scalable storage system for Microsoft® Exchange Server, VMware, databases and other business applications. It also provides an optimal choice for tiered and standalone storage, consolidation, business continuity, data replication, backup and archiving.

Easy to set up and administer

* Eliminates requirements to set preferred paths from hosts to storage
* System self balances workloads across both controllers
* "Single pane of glass" to integrate and manage multiple Hitachi systems
* Simplified RAID group placement using SAS backplane architecture
* Helpful documents and web portal

Unsurpassed Reliability and Data Availability

* 99.999 percent data availability with no single point of failure
* Nondisruptive microcode updates
* Hot swappable major components
* Dual-battery backup for cache
* Flexible drive sparing with no copy back required after a RAID rebuild
* In system and remote site data replication options
* RAID-6 dual parity support for enhanced reliability when using large SATA and SAS drives

Cost-effective performance

* Full-duplex, 3Gbps SAS drive interface that can simultaneously send and receive commands or data on the same link
* 32 concurrent disk I/O paths provide up to 9600MB/s of total system bandwidth
* Hitachi Dynamic Load Balancing Controller automatically balances loads to eliminate bottlenecks for outstanding performance

Tremendous scalability

* Ability to add capacity, connectivity, and performance as needed
* Concurrent support of large heterogeneous open systems environments with up to 2048 virtual server ports and 4096 LUNs
* Scale performance to 900,000 IOPS
* Mega LUNs, up to 60TB, enable set-it-and-forget-it provisioning

Highly Flexible Systems

* Intermixed SAS and SATA drives can share the same tray to save cost
* Multiprotocol support for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI host interfaces
* Combine with Hitachi High performance NAS for simultaneous block and file access

Platform for solution delivery

* Ideal for changing workloads in a server virtualization environment
* Technical guides to setup applications and systems for best performance and highest scalability possible

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