LaCie 301824 40GB USB Key Max

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LaCie 301824 40GB USB Key Max

Store tons of files, photos, songs and video on a hard disk the size of a credit card. The USB Key Max is perfect for transporting data thanks to its sturdy metal, thin, and lightweight form. Truly mobile, it's driver-free, plug & play and USB 2.0-powered so no cables or power supply are needed. The integrated USB cable pulls out and tucks back in. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, it's great for exchanging files with others. LaCieSync software is included for keeping your important data secure. Access and modify files, emails (Microsoft Outlook) or personal settings and it will sync updated data back to your computer - protected by AES 128-bit encryption (Windows only). LaCie '1-Click' Backup Software (Mac & Windows) is also included.

* Credit card-sized storage with maximized capacity
* Compact, sturdy metal design
* Integrated USB 2.0-powered cable for mobility
* LaCieSync: Synchronization & Encryption Software

Item Number : 301824
Capacity: 40 GB
Interface: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)
Rotational Speed (rpm): 3600
Interface Transfer Rate: up to 480Mbits/s
Max Sustained Transfer Rate: up to 15MB/s
Size: 2.16 x 3.34 x .23 in / 55 x 85 x 6 mm
Weight: 2.1 oz / 60 g
System Requirements: PC or Mac with USB 2.0; Windows 2000, XP or Vista / Mac OS X 10.2 or higher / Linux 2.4 or higher; 32MB RAM minimum
Comments: 1GB (gigabyte) = 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending upon operating environment (typically 5-10% less).
Driver-free for Windows 2000, XP or Vista / Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
Box Content: LaCie USB Key Max;USB extension cable;Quick Install Guide;Preloaded on the drive;User Manual
LaCieSync: Synchronization & Encryption Software (Windows)
LaCie '1-Click' Backup Software (Windows/Mac)
SilverKeeper Backup Software (Mac)