Maxtor Basics SATA II/300 Hard Drive Kit

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Maxtor Basics SATA II/300 Hard Drive Kit

Lightning-Fast Performance
With high-speed data burst transfer rates up to 300MB, the Maxtor SATA hard drive kit is perfect for editing and playing multiple streams of video.

Simple Setup
Installation has never been so easy. Just connect your new hard drive, run MaxBlast and start your newly enhanced system.

Easy-to-Use Software
MaxBlast features quick and trouble-free installation.

1TB Capacity
Add enormous capacity instantly. Stores more than 320,000 photos, 1,000 hours of DV video, or 16,660 hours of music.

7200RPM, 16MB Cache Buffer
For fast drive performance, seamless data exchange and instant access to your files.


Capacity (Model #): 500GB (STM305004N1AAAS-RK),750GB (STM307504N1AAAS-RK),1TB (STM310004N1AAAS-RK)
RPM: 7200
Cache Buffer: 16MB
Seek Time: < 9.3 ms
Interface: SATA
Compatibility: PC
PC Requirements:
Available 3.5-inch drive bay
Serial ATA-enabled motherboard or adapter card
Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP
CD-ROM drive
Windows 2000, SP3 or higher; XP, SP1 or higher