Sony HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album

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Sony HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album

It's easy to recreate the moment in high-definition clarity with the HDMS-S1D digital photo album. You can transform your entire digital photo collection (up to 50,000 high-resolution photos) into HD entertainment and view your pictures on your HDTV—while controlling the action from your couch. With its included remote, you can easily manage your collection and organize shots by date, custom tag or album name. The one-touch import feature lets you transfer your images without a hassle, and the built-in CD/DVD burner allows you to back-up your photo albums in no time. Feel like printing your photos? The back panel of the HDMS-S1D includes multiple connectivity options for compatible photo printers.

HDD Storage
80GB HDD storage(up to 50,000 photos)

Easy Search
Easy to search stored images by remote

Organize event photos automatically by date or icon or custom tag

Viewing and printing photos
The back panel of the HDMS-S1D includes multiple connectivity options to view or print your digital photos

Importing/Exporting photos
The front panel of the HDMS-S1D features a variety of options to easily input or export photos

Photo Browser
Easily display and search through your entire photo collection using an intuitive browser interface that loads instantly.

Manage photos
Automatically sort photos by date, or create up to 3,000 albums identified by an event name, icon, or custom tag.

x-Pict Story HD
Instantly create pro-quality slideshows or assemble your own with photos, transitions, and music that can be displayed in Full HD on your HDTV.

Add Music to x-Pict Story HD
Set slideshows to pre-loaded music tracks(30 tracks) or import your own songs from CD(5 song max.) to create a personalized soundtrack

Choose themes for x-Pict Story HD
Add a personal touch to your slideshow images with themes or visual effects, such as monochrome or sepia tones, that can be synchronized with your slideshow's soundtrack.

Automatically create unique scrapbook-style pages or preserve cherished memories by designing pages that reflect your personal style. You can also print x-Scrapbook images directly to a PictBridge-compatible printer

Display your digital photo collection where it can be enjoyed by everyone — on your television. The HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album is capable of storing up to 50,000 high resolution photos on its 80GB hard drive, while an intuitive browser and supplied remote let you manage everything from your television screen. Easily organize your photos by date, custom tag name, or album name. View pro-quality slideshows or scrapbook-style pages that can be created automatically or tailored to suit your personal style. You can even print images directly to PictBridge-compatible printers. And with home theater connectivity featuring HD output to your HDTV, your digital photos are as realistic on screen as the moment you captured them.

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