Vantec UGT-CR905 Internal Card Reader

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Vantec UGT-CR905 Internal Card Reader

58-In-1 Internal Card Reader/Writer with Built-In USB Port for 3.5" or 5.25" Drive Bay

From Digital Cameras, MP3 players to PDAs, data is increasingly being stored on memory cards. Unfortunately, with so many different types of memory cards, accessing them can quickly turn into a mess of wires and gadgets. The Vantec 58-in-1 Internal Card Reader/Writer is a convenient way to share and exchange files stored in your memory cards with one simple device. Simply insert the memory card(s) you want to access, copy your data, remove the card(s), and you are done! Furthermore, the built-in USB 2.0 port also comes in handy for connecting additional USB devices. Easily install it to any 3.5" or 5.25" drive bay, the Vantec 58-In-1 Internal Card Reader/Writer is the only device you will need for accessing memory cards on your computer!

* Read/Write to 58 Types of Memory Cards
* Built-In USB 2.0 Port
* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Transfer Rate Up to 480 Mbps
* Fits in Any Standard 3.5” or 5.25” Drive Bay
* Simultaneously Transfer Data between Memory Cards
* Power and Activity LED Indicator


Model: UGT-CR905
Dimension: 101.3(L) x 94.5 (W) x 25.4(H) mm
Bracket Dimension: 143(L) x 139 (W) x 41(H) mm
Interface: USB 2.0
Memory Card Support:
SD: SDHC, SD-Pro, SD-Pleomax, SD-Pro C, SD-Ultra, SD-Ultra II, *SD-Ultra II Plus, SD-Extreme III, SD-Ultra X, SD-Turbo, SD-Super, SD-Max, *Mini SD, *Mini SD-Pro, *Mini SD Pleomax
MS: MS, MS-Magic Gate, MS-PRO Magic Gate, HS-MS-PRO Magic Gate, MS-Duo, MS-DUO Magic Gate, MS-PRO Duo, HS-MS-PRO Duo, MS-Duo, MS-DUO Magic Gate, MS-PRO Duo, HS-MS-PRO Duo, MS-PRO Duo-PSP, MS-PRO Duo-Gaming, *M2 SD
CF: CF-Type I, CF-Type II, CF-Ultra II, Micro Drive, CF-Pro, CF-Pro II, CF-Extreme, CF-Extreme III, CF-PSP II, CF-Super, CF-Ultra X
MMC: MMC, MMC Pleomax, MMC Pro, HS-MMC, MMC Plus, MMC-Plus Turbo, *RS MMC, RS MMC-Pleomax, RS MMC-Speed, RS MMC-Max, MMC, Mobile MMC, Mobile-Pro MMC, Mobile-Pocketnet, *MMC Micro
Micro SD: Micro SD / T-Flash / M2
*card adapter required

System Requirements:

* Intel Pentium 350 MHz-compatible or Mac G3 processor & greater
* Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS 8.6 & greater
* For USB 2.0 speeds, the system must support USB 2.0 specifications.
* CD Rom drive (if drivers are needed)

Package Contents:

3.5" Internal Card Reader x 1, 5.25" Mounting Bracket x1, Driver CD x 1, Installation Screws