Vantec UGT-ST300 SATA/eSATA PCI Host Card

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Vantec UGT-ST300 SATA/eSATA PCI Host Card

Serial ATA (SATA) is the latest form of computer connectivity, featuring faster transfer speeds, easier configuration, and the ability to hot swap drives. With the Vantec SATA/eSATA PCI Host Controller, you can add the features and functionality of eSATA to your computer. By providing an internal SATA port, the PCI Host Card offers the expandability to add a hard drive to you system. With the external SATA port, both the PCI Host Card gives the flexibility of adding a high speed connection to an external hard drive. Traditionally, one would use USB 2.0 to connect to external hard drives. While USB 2.0 offers reasonably fast speeds at 480Mbps, SATA transfers at a speed of up to 1,500Mbps! Take advantage of SATA on your computer with the Vantec SATA/eSATA PCI Host Card.


* Easily Add SATA / eSATA to Any System with an Open PCI Slot
* Transfer Rates Up to 1500Mbps (150MB/s)
* Supports Hot-Swapping: Plug & Play without Rebooting
* LED Drive Activity Header for Each Port
* 32 bit, 3/66Mhz fully compliant PCI host interface
* Fully compliant with SATA 1.0a specifications
* Integrated PCI DMA engines
* Compliant with PCI specifications, revision 2.2
* Bus architecture: low profile 32bit PCI Bus
* 48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD larger than 137GB
* Independent 256-byte FIFOs(32 bit*64 deep) per Serial ATA channel for host reads and writes
* Supports spread specturm docking to reduce EMI
* 1 eSATA Port
* 1 Internal SATA Port


Model: UGT-ST300
Interface: 32-Bit 33/66MHz PCI v2.2
Connections: Internal SATA Port; External SATA (eSATA) Port

System Requirements:

* Pentium® or Equivalent PC with One Available PCI Slot
* Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* Supports 64bit/32bit Windows Vista
* Linux kernel version of 2.4.18-14 or later

Package Contents:

2-Port eSATA II-150 PCI Host Card, Low Profile PCI Bracket, CD Driver, User Manual