Verbatim 500GB SOHO NAS Desktop Hard Drive

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Verbatim 500GB SOHO NAS Desktop Hard Drive

Share files between computers within your small office/home office (SOHO) network, using Verbatim's network attached storage (NAS) drive. Easily set up a computer network using the provided auto-configuration protocols, such as DHCP or Apple Bonjour™ to centralize your music, photos, video, and data files. Verbatim's NAS with Ethernet/USB connections, is ideal for backing up any PC or MAC on your network. By using a network drive, you can create multiple users and user groups. Network users can be assigned privileges and read/write access to data. To expand the reaches of your network, install a USB printer to your network of computers through the drives USB port for all to use.


* Share files between computers
* Centralize music, photos, video and data files
* Includes support for the following protocols: Apple Bonjour, DHCP, Samba, And Print Server
* Back up any Mac or PC on your network
* Create private folders for individual users
* Free up hard drive space for individual users
* Connect to other USB devices
* Add a USB printer to your network of computers


* Rotational Speed - 7200 RPM
* External Power - +5 VDC and +12 VDC input via external adapters
* Interface - One USB 2.0 Port (B) for connection to host PC, One 10/100 Ethernet port (RJ45) for connection to network, One USB 1.1 host port (A) connection to printer or other device
* Data Transfer Rate - USB 2.0 High Speed: 480 Mb/s (max), Ethernet: 100 Mb/s (max)
* Disk Format - FAT32 (default), EXT2, EXT3
* Dimensions - 5.0 in. X 8.4 in. X 2.0 in. (127 mm X 213 mm X 52 mm)
* Weight - 2.6 lbs (1.2Kg)
* Network Features
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Application,Browser-based configuration tool, IEEE 802.3i, IEEE 802.3u, Apple Bonjour,  DHCP, SMB/CIFS, Samba, NFS, Print Server, NTP, UPnP, WINS