ZyXEL NSA-2400 Network Storage

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ZyXEL NSA-2400 Network Storage

A Total Network Storage Solution, Tailor-made for Small Office/Home Office

* Supports 4 SATA Hard Drives
* Storage Capacity of up to 3TB (Terabytes)
* Disk Protection Options: JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5
* Removable Hard Drives
* Supports Microsoft File Sharing
* Microsoft Domain Participation
* SSL Encryption
* Snapshot Support
* Windows Client Backup - Windows SQL/Exchange Server Backup

An integrated and Enterprise-class Backup Solution
NSA-2400 offers an integrated and Enterprise-class backup solution to protect your valuable data. It offers the most common backup strategies used by Enterprises today, including desktop/laptop client backup, instant backup, local backup and Windows/SQL/Exchange server backup. What used to be considered an expensive luxury has now been made available for SOHO/SB owners by ZyXEL.

Data Protection
Data protection is particularly important should a disk fail or when data corruption occurs. Underpinned by RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and snapshot, these Enterprise-class features allow you to increases data fault-tolerance and instantly reset the entire server back to a specific time period. In the event of a disk failure or file corruption, lost data can be recreated from any of the optional RAID techniques.

Simple Installation and Management
An easy setup wizard guides users through the installation step by step, allowing deployment of a network data storage system in just minutes. Platform-independent management via an intuitive, fully featured browser-based graphical user interface is exclusively designed for SOHO/SB with limited IT support. Any unskilled user can successfully install and maintain the NSA-2400.