EVGA inDtube Digital TV Tuner

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EVGA inDtube Digital TV Tuner

This product can receive both NTSC and ATSC signals. It can also view hi-def up to 1080i when using an ATSC digital antenna to capture over-the-air channels. 1080i resolution will depend on the computer and its capable video resolutions. A cable set-top box or satellite box can be used when going through the MCX to F-Connector adapter. A coaxial cable is needed for this configuration. An AV-Input adapter is also provided as an accessory to allow capture of an RCA Video or S-Video based source. This feature allows you to capture and input from an external source and save them as a digital format.

Key Features

USB 2.0 Support
A standard plug and play interface providing easy-to-use connectivity for USB devices.

Portable - Magnetic - telescopic antenna w/ an MCX connection

Remote Control (battery included)

AV-Input Adapter

F connector to MCX adapter

Neoprene Case

Orange Carrying String for inDtube's cap

USB extension cable

Hybrid Tuner
This hybrid tuner is capable of both NTSC and ATSC signals.

IR Receiver
IR Reciever is capable of receiving commands from a remote control.

MCX Input
Used for as an antenna connection or for an F-Connector (COAX) to a MCX input adapter.

Small Footprint and Portable Design