Hauppauge WinTV-USB2 TV Tuner

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Hauppauge WinTV-USB2 TV Tuner

WinTV-USB2: the easiest way to get TV into your PC or laptop! WinTV-USB2 is an external USB 2.0 device with a built-in 125 channel cable-ready TV tuner and a dbx-TV stereo decoder. Plug WinTV-USB2 into your Windows XP based PC or laptop's USB 2.0 port, and you're ready to watch TV in a resizable window (or full screen), right on your PC screen! And while you watch TV you can work on any other Windows application.

WinTV-USB2 is a snap to install: just plug it in to a USB2 port and install the WinTV software. WinTV-USB2 is USB2 bus powered, so you don't need an external power adapter!

WinTV-USB2 offers features usually only seen on high-end television sets, like 16 channel preview and digital TV show recording. Get great audio quality from your TV shows with the dbx-TV stereo audio decoder. And snap and print video images from whatever you're watching in high resolution up to 1600x1200 pixels!

Make MPEG digital video recordings with Hauppauge's SoftPVR™. SoftPVR uses your PC's processor to digitally record videos to disk, from live TV or from an external video source. Schedule your TV recordings with WinTV-Scheduler. Then use your PC´s CD burner to create VideoCD's*, with up to one hour of video. You can also record video movies from your VCR or camcorder.

Use Hauppauge's IR remote control to control your TV watching (and recording) from a comfortable distance. Change channels, adjust the volume, start a recording, and then play the recording back to your PC screen with the Hauppauge IR remote control and the WinTV-USB2's built-in remote control receiver.

Bring live video into your PC or laptop from camcorder, VCR or video camera. With Hauppauge's WinTV-Capture, you can record video movies in Microsoft's AVI file format for use in web pages or to create your own high-impact multimedia presentations.

Snap video still pictures. With Hauppauge's SnapShot feature, you can capture still video images in adjustable high resolution modes. WinTV-USB2 digitizes video using high quality 4:2:2 video sampling.

Watch TV and record movies with SoftPVR™ on your PC or laptop

* Watch TV on your laptop or desktop PC, in a window or full screen. With high quality dbx-TV stereo audio, too!
* Includes SoftPVR™ for recording TV shows to disk. You can also record from an external A/V source!
* Plugs into your PC or laptop's USB 2.0 port for easy installation.
* Includes the Hauppauge IR remote control.

WinTV-USB2 has these great features

* Live TV from 125-channel cable ready TV tuner or from external audio/video source.
* With high quality dbx-TV stereo for great TV sound!
* TV-in-a-window on your PC or laptop, any size up to full screen. Plus channel surf 16 channels at a time.
* Includes SoftPVR™ for making MPEG movies. Watch, record and playback your favorite TV shows. It's like having a digital video recorder for your PC! Also supports video movie capture in Microsoft AVI file format, from TV or any video source.
* Easy installation. Plugs directly into the USB 2.0 port on your PC or Laptop. No additional power supply required.
* The Hauppauge IR remote control allows you to control WinTV from across a room. Change channels, adjust volume, start a recording or play a video.
* Capture high quality still video image capture in BMP, TIFF, TGA and JPEG formats, from live TV or any external video source.
* Microsoft® Windows® XP compatible.

With WinTV-USB2 you can

* Watch TV in a resizeable window (or full screen) on your PC or laptop screen. While watching TV, you can surf the net, answer e-mail or do any other PC function.
* Record your TV shows or home videos to your PC's hard disk using SoftPVR™.
* Schedule your TV recording with WinTV-Scheduler. A link to TitanTV (an Internet electronic program guide) is included.
* With Hauppauge's IR remote control, you can control WinTV-USB2 from a comfortable distance.
* Capture high quality still video images, live or recorded video, up to 1600x1200 pixels in BMP, TIF, and JPEG formats.
* USB2 bus powered, so you don't need an external power adapter.