Hauppauge myTV.PVR TV Tuner

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Hauppauge myTV.PVR TV Tuner

Watch, Record and Pause live TV, in a window or full screen, on your Macintosh desktop or laptop. Record your favorite TV shows to your hard disk, or pause live TV and create your own instant replay! myTV.PVR has a hardware MPEG-2 encoder, so you don't slow down your Mac while recording. With MPEG data rates from 1 to 12Mbits/sec, you decide how much hard disk space your videos will consume (the lower the data rate, the less disk space your videos will consume, but with lower video quality). You can also record your home videos to disk, then burn them onto CD or DVD!

myTV.PVR is easy to install. Just plug it into your Macintosh's USB port, connect to any kind of TV reception (cable TV, antenna, etc.) or a set top box, VCR or camcorder, load the software from our installation CD. Then start watching TV and recording your TV or videos to disk!

myTV.PVR includes a built-in TV scheduler. Schedule your TV recordings on a daily, weekly or random schedule. Automatically record TV programs so you'll never miss your favorite TV shows again!

The myTV.PVR pause feature gives you control of what you watch. Get personal "instant replay": stop the action when you want to analyze a key scene, and instantly rewind and replay the action again. You're in control!

Record your TV programs or home videos and play them on your computer or DVD player! If you have a DVD burner in your Mac, you can author your own DVDs. Take the programs or home videos you recorded with myTV.PVR and bring them into your DVD authoring application like Roxio Toast and you can watch your videos anywhere.

myTV.PVR creates standard Quicktime movies. TV recorded with myTV.PVR can be played back on any system which has the Apple Quicktime MPEG-2 component installed.

Technically speaking
myTV.PVR uses a built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoder using the Conexant -416, compressing your TV shows or home videos up to 100:1 while providing great on-screen quality. The compressed MPEG is sent to your Mac over USB. Data rates of up to 12 Mbits/sec can be used with USB 2.0, while USB 1.1 is limited to 6 Mbits/sec. myTV.PVR can record full screen TV using 1GB of hard disk space per hour at DVD extra play 4MBits/sec, or 2 Gigabytes per hour at high quality DVD short play quality of 8Mbits/sec. myTV.PVR also has S-Video, composite video and stereo audio inputs, so you can watch or record video from an external A/V source.

Watch What you want, When you want, Where you want!
You control your TV watching experience

* watch What you want: Watch live TV, TV recordings, or listen to FM radio.
* When you want: Pause live TV with instant replay, or watch your scheduled TV recordings any time you want!
* Where you want: Watch live or recorded TV on your Macintosh notebook or desktop.

myTV.PVR has these great features

* Watch and record TV on your Apple Mac, in a window or full screen. myTV.PVR comes with a 125 channel cable ready TV tuner. Surf the net while you watch TV on your Mac screen!
* No need to open your Macintosh: just plug into any USB slot. Works best with USB2.0, but will work with USB1.1.
* With dbx-TV stereo audio, for the best TV sound!
* Pause live TV with instant replay, rewind, and fast forward.
* Schedule your TV recordings on a daily, weekly or once only schedule. Also supports TitanTV, the on-line electronic program guide.
* Includes a built-in hardware MPEG-2 video encoder. While recording, the hardware MPEG encoder does all the work, so your system continues to run at full speed! You only need from 1-2 Gigabytes of disk space per hour of recorded video.
* Composite/S-Video and stereo audio inputs so you can watch and record TV from cable TV or satellite TV boxes, or VCR's, camcorders or DVD players.

With myTV.PVR you can

* Watch TV in a resizeable window (or full screen) on your desktop or laptop screen. Surf the net, answer e-mail or do any other Mac function while watching TV!
* Pause TV with instant replay, fast forward and rewind.
* Schedule your TV recording with myTV.PVR's built-in scheduler. Use the internet Electronic Program Guide, TitanTV, to view and schedule your TV programs.
* Record TV or home videos to your hard disk using high quality MPEG compression. Create MPEG movies in DVD quality up to 12 Mbits/sec, or make VCD or SVCD compatible movies. You typically use 1 to 2 Gigabytes of hard disk per hour of high quality recorded video.
* Burn your recorded TV shows and video recordings to DVD, VCD or SVCD disks.