Kworld ATSC 120 PCI TV Card

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Kworld ATSC 120 PCI TV Card

Watch or Record Digital (ATSC) and Analog TV on Your Computer
With PCI ATSC/Analog TV Card, you may enjoy watching free-to-air digital TV (ATSC) and Analog TV on your computer! You can also record your favorite live TV and share it on the Internet!

Works with MedieCenter, BonusMediaCenter Software: TotalMedia
KWorld PCI ATSC/Analog TV Card works with Microsoft Windows Media Center and many other 3rd party media center software, such as ArcSoft TotalMedia (Included in the package). Take advantage of the user-friendly TotalMediaCenter for watching digital TV while browsing through other multimedia files on your PC. PlusTV HD PCI 120 allows you the option of watching and recording high definition TV within TotalMediaCenter software or WindowsMediaCenter.

True HD Time-Shifting Function
Never miss a beat with the true HD time-shifting function! Pause and replay live TV shows by simply pressing the Pause button and continue after whenever convenient. Just like the VHS or DVD, KWorld PCI ATSC/Analog TV Card provides the advanced playback functions such as pause, instant replay, time-shifting, fast-forward and rewind.

Scheduled-Recording with Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Forget about manually setting a recording time for your favorite TV program. Simply select the program you would like to record from the EPG program list with a click of the mouse.


* Supports Digital TV for ATSC, Analog TV for NTSC and listen to FM Radio
* Users may watch HDTV program (ATSC) or Analog (NTSC) TV programs on your PC or Laptop
* Supports up to 1920 x 1080i (HDTV) and Dolby Digital AC3 Audio output
* Additional AV/S-Video Input for connecting other Video Sources (such as DVD Player/ VCD/ VHS/ Camcorder)
* Powers-Off PC by Remote Controller
* Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Media Center
* ArcSoft TotalMedia SoftwareUser-Friendly interface with powerful functions
o Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
o Performs auto Channel Scan and Name Recognition
o Supports internet EPG for Analog TV in USA and closed captioning
o Supports Real-time video recording in MPEG-2 format
o Captures analog and digital Images in JPEG/BMP/TIF/PNG format
o Edits the Video and Photo files with a simplified operation
o Creates beautiful slide show presentations for work or fun
o Burns video files into DVD/VCD