Kworld KW-IPTV UB110 IPTV Analog

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Kworld KW-IPTV UB110 IPTV Analog

Hassle Free Installation
Installation is nearly non-existent. With USB 2.0 interface, simply "plug" and "play"!!

Your Favorite TV Anytime, Anywhere
To watch your favorite TV, in addition to KWorld IPTV Analog UB110, just acquire: a device with internet capability, an internet access portal, a CyberLink Live! user account and password.With these items in hand, you may access your home cable TV anytime, anywhere!

Watch-over Your Home Whenever, Wherever
Having anxiety attack of leaving your valuables at home, unattended?When you own KWorld IPTV Analog UB110, you may monitor your home remotely via CyberLink Live! from with any internet connections.

Turn your PC into a MultimediaSharingCenter
Turn your PC into a multimedia sharing center.Record your baby's first step, a family vacation, or any TV show, capture that moment, edit those video clips with CyberLink PowerProducer 4 and PowerDirector 5, which are included in the package, and share your experience with your love ones worldwide.

CyberLink Live Application
It doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and KWorld's IPTV Analog, you may enjoy the multimedia entertainment from home.Partnering with the well-known software guru CyberLink, KWorld's IPTV Analog enables you to enjoy family photos, videos, music and live TV from the comfort of your home!

* Share your multimedia files with your friends
* Receive constant updates from home (ie/ family members birthdays, special occasions, your baby's first step…etc)
* Enjoy the comfort of home TV instead of watching TV programs in other foreign languages
* DIY home security: to monitor your home while you are away!!

User-Friendly interface with powerful functions and easy installation

* CyberLink Live application
* Watch live TV from anywhere, anytime
* Access photos, watch videos, listen to the audio files from anywhere
* Share your multimedia files with your love ones from anywhere in the world
* USB 2.0 Plug-and-Play interface
* Supports worldwide analog TV systems reception
* Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording function
* Supports real-time video recording in Mpeg Formats (Note: codec need to be downloaded from internet)
* Supports Picture-In-Picture (PIP) function
* Additional AV/S-Video input for connecting other video sources, such as DVD Player/ VCD/VHS/ camcorder.