Kworld VS-PVR-TV 305U USB Analog TV Stick

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Kworld VS-PVR-TV 305U USB Analog TV Stick

Easily Plug-and-Play USB2.0 Interface
With KWorld USB Analog TV Stick, users won't have to worry about product installation. Since it is USB2.0, it's as easy as plug and play!!

Supports Worldwide Analog TV
Turn your PC into a TV set and personal video recorder instantly! You are able to record any piece of TV shows when you want to share it to your friend. KWorld USB Analog TV Stick supports worldwide analog TV systems; you are also able to enjoy live TV anywhere, anytime with your laptop computer and USB Analog TV Stick!!

Never Miss a Show with Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording
It always happens during the most exciting moment; you need a bathroom break?With USB Analog TV Stick, you may pause the on-going show and resume afterwards.Another overtime work-day, but your favorite TV is scheduled to be on tonight!You may record the shows, so you don't miss anything.

Supports Resizable Users Interface
Combining with KWorld's HyperMediaCenter, users will be able to enjoy their favorite show/s in full-screen or resizable windows while multi-tasking (playing games, writing reports…etc).


* USB 2.0 Plug-and-Play interface
* Worldwide analog TV reception from cable/air TV
* Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled-Recording function
* Supports Still Image capture in JPEG or BMP format
* Supports Continuous Snapshot