Kworld VS-TV PE 210RF PCIE Dual Analog TV Card

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Kworld VS-TV PE 210RF PCIE Dual Analog TV Card

Professional PCI express interface (x1)
Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express is a scalable I/O (Input/Output) serial bus technology. PCI Express 1 lanes have a delivery transfer rate for a total of 500 MB per second, which is about 4 times faster than the rate of original PCI. KWorld applies this latest PCI Express interface technology to develop the professional PCIE Dual Analog TV Card, which will definitely satisfy your TV needs!

Enjoy Dual Analog TV channels at the same time!
With KWorld PCIE Dual Analog TV Card, now you can enjoy dual analog TV all at once. To decide between watching the football game or the soap opera has become unnecessary! With Dual TV channels playing your favorite shows simultaneously, enjoy them together!!

Record Multiple Channels while Watching TV
KWorld PCIE Dual Analog TV Card enable users to watch one channel while recording another, or record and capture two TV channels at the same time. You will never miss any of the TV shows again!

Build Your Own MultimediaCenter!
PCIE Dual Analog TV Card includes additional AV / S-Video input (including CVBS and S-Video).You will be able to connect your PC with DVD, VCD, VHS Player for capturing, editing and burning your CD, or connect with game console for game fun! You can easily convert your PC into a personal multimedia center!


* PCI Express interface (x1).
* Supports worldwide analog TV standards from cable or air TV.
* Dual-channel demodulation and decoding of analog TV video/audio.
* Fully automatic standard detection and decoding of worldwide analog TV video and broadcast stereo formats (A2/Dual-FM, NICAM, BTSC with dbx™, SAP, and EIAJ) and FM radio.
* Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
* Supports Still Image capture in BMP format
* Supports POP function.
* Supports Sleep Timer function
* Supports Microsoft DirectSound for Analog TV / AV / S-Video.
* Additional AV/S-Video Input, such as CVBS, S-video for connecting to other video sources (such as DVD Player / VCD / VHS / Camcorder).