Motorola CableVista Edge Decoder

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Motorola CableVista Edge Decoder

The CableVista Edge Decoder performs MPEG decoding, modulation, and upconversion for up to 24 NTSC/PAL channels in a compact 1 RU chassis. It supports a variety of output card types in the same chassis including: RF NTSC/PAL and RF NTSC with Off Air Reference. The CableVista provides a Digital Simulcast Network with the highest degrees of flexibility available. With numerous redundancy features, hot swappable components, and flexible software it is the key element for Digital Simulcast.

Key Features

* EAS support as per SCTE 18
* VITS insertion
* Modular chassis fits up to 6 output cards and can provide: Up to 12 RF channels decoded in 1 RU
* Internal CU Togging [NTSC version only]
* Off Air Reference/ Phase Lock[CV1116RF/QAPL]
* GbE Redundancy
* ASI Inputs
* Output module redundancy
* GbE or daisy chaining of several CableVista units possible.
* All modules and power supplies are hot-swappable.IGMV3 support
* Configuration and control via Web page interface (Configuration and control also available through RS 232 OR SNMP)
* Field upgradable firmware to incorporate new features

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