Motorola SVM1000 Switched Video Manager

Motorola Updated: 2009-07-25 RSS
Motorola SVM1000 Switched Video Manager

The SVM1000 combines the video compression benefits of switched digital video with the advantages of sharing QAM resources using open network management protocols. With switched digital video, subscriber usage determines which programs should be made available on each node. In order to enable this demand driven viewing, the SVM1000 supports both edge device switching and server-based switching.

* Linux® operating system
* Mirrored disk drives for disk fault tolerance
* Support for multiple channel change protocols
* Full 1:1 redundancy option for highest availability
* Support for up to 25,000 active tuners
* Web-based management console
* Supports industry-standard open interfaces
* Support for in-band and out-of-band carrousel

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