Motorola SVOM1000 Switched Video Operations Manager

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Motorola SVOM1000 Switched Video Operations Manager

The SVOM1000 configures and manages the many components and protocols involved in a switched digital video (SDV) deployment. With switched digital video, subscriber usage determines which programs should be made available on each node. Additionally, switched digital video allows cable operators to use bandwidth that would otherwise be allocated to unwatched channels. Sharing resources such as edge QAMs between multiple services allows cable operators to provision based on real-time consumer behavior rather than mathematical models, improving efficiency. The SVOM1000 supports both edge device switching and server-based switching, supporting up to 500,000 digital tuners.

* Linux® operating system
* Mirrored disk drives for disk fault tolerance
* Support for multiple channel change protocols
* Support for up to 500,000 active tuners
* Web-based management console
* Supports industry-standard open interfaces

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