Samsung DTB-H260F HDTV Tuner

15 Jun, 2009 by SAMSUNG RSS
Samsung DTB-H260F HDTV Tuner

SAMSUNG brings you total flexibility for delivering FREE over-the-air digital television signals to a DTVready television or DTV-capable computer monitors. Award-winning SAMSUNG technology easily tunes and decodes all 18 ATSC Table 3 broadcast formats. With the SAMSUNG DTB-H260F, you can view HDTV, SDTV, and listen to Dolby® Digital 2.0 stereo or Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround audio through your audio system. SAMSUNG solves output worries with a wide selection of output options including 1080i, 720p or 480p/i DTV formats, and connection options including HDMI (1), Component (1),Composite (1), Audio-Right/Left, Dolby® Digital Optical. Attractive styling and affordable pricing make the SAMSUNG DTB-H260F a perfect solution.

on-screen signal strength Indicator
Make sure your signal isn't affecting the quality of your on-screen images. Check your signal strength with the on-screen signal strength indicator.

mini guide
Check programming schedules while still watching your current TV program with a convenient mini guide which appears at the bottom of your screen.

full guide
A full guide lets you find your favorite programs and see what's currently on and/or available.

intuitive and iconic menu
An intuitive menu allows you to select settings such as brightness, color and contrast so you get the best picture possible.

Input/Output Terminals (Video)
HDMI with HDCP: 1
Component out (Y,PB,PR): 1
SVideo Out: 1
Composite (RCA) Out: 1

Input/Output Terminals (Sound)
Digital sound out (Optical): 1
Analog (RCA) Out: 1

Supplied Accessories
Supplied Accessories: 2 Component and Audio cables, AAA batteries for the remote

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