Samsung SMT-H3050 HD Set Top Box

15 Jun, 2009 by SAMSUNG RSS
Samsung SMT-H3050 HD Set Top Box

The SAMSUNG SMT-H3050 digital set-top box delivers standard definition, high-definition and analog video signals for amazing picture quality. It also has a CableCARDTM slot for OCAP so you can enjoy available interactive services. Sleek and stylish, the SMT-H3050 set top box will integrate perfectly with your existing surround sound system.

separable security
The SMT H3050 can be used in any OpenCableTM standard network that uses a CableCARDTM interface.

audio / video interface
The HDMI feature lets you transfer your high-definition video all on one cable without sacrificing quality. The SAMSUNG SMT-H3050 is also Dolby AC-3 compliant and IEEE 1394 fire wire compliant.

two-way interactive service
Take advantage of your interactive TV services. This set top box is fully compliant with OCAPTM 1.0. You'll also get advanced DOCSISTM Set-Top Gateway (ADSG) mode two-way signaling and an Out of Band (OOB) QPSK Modem.

Key Specifications

Input/Output Terminals (Video)
HDMI with HDCP: Yes
Component out (Y,PB,PR): Yes
SVideo Out: Yes
Composite (RCA) Out: Yes

Input/Output Terminals (Sound)
Digital sound out (Optical): Yes
Analog (RCA) Out: Yes

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