Sapphire Wonder TV USB Pocket Size TV Tuner

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Sapphire Wonder TV USB Pocket Size TV Tuner

The SAPPHIRE Wonder TV USB Pocket Size TV tuner loads your system with a complete set of media abilities, transforming your PC or notebook into the ultimate entertainment for watching TV in Windows Media Center. Attach you analog TV cable 2 and you can watch, pause, or record high definition TV on your PC. Even analog TV is made brilliant by the advanced new De-interlacing technology and Noise Reduction work together to produce an ultra sharp, pure image that rivals high-end TV sets.

Wonderful application program
With Sapphire Wonder USB, you don't need check any channel or manually to select different area, region channels. With wonderful application program included, system will automatically scan all channels base on which area, region, or country you are to fit all TV format. Using fastest ASIC inside, scanning time very short. System will also record channels scanned.

Easily receiving DVB signal from antenna
By USB 2.0 connection with PC, Sapphire Wonder USB can easily receiving DVB signal from antenna, decoding to AVI,MPEG-1,MPEG-2, MPEG-4 video format. With full 720x480 high resolution, there is no lag or ripple happened. That makes you can enjoy digital TV by your NoteBook or Desktop PC.

Friendly OSD interface
Sapphire Wonder USB has friendly OSD interface let you easy understand how to use in PC and NB. With pocket size by USB connection, you can bring to everywhere watching TV program any time by any PC or NB. Using remote control bundled, you can comfort watching TV like normal analog home TV.

All useful devices and accessories included
Sapphire wonder USB box has all useful devices and accessories included. RCA video and audio input and output Cables let you has more functions can use except watch TV. Driver and AP CD included most software fitting this dongle. Moreover, Sapphire Wonder USB bundle USB extension cable, high RF receiving antenna, and wonderful remote controller as very luxury life you can.


Resolution: 720x480(full D1), 640x480, 640x288, 640x240, 352x480 (Half D1), 352x288, 352x240 (SIF), 320x240, 240x180, 240x176, 176x144, 160x120
Video Compression: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Audio Sample rates: 32KHz /44.1KHz /48KHz
Audio bit-rate: 128k~384k bit/second
RF Input: (75 ohm impedance, F or PH type) (By Mode)
TV input: (75 ohm impedance, F or PH type)
Video input: RCA video input
USB: USB connector
Audio input RCA L/R