VisionTek PC2TV

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VisionTek PC2TV

The VisionTek PC2TV device is a video/graphics converter that enables you to turn any display (such as a TV, monitor or projector) into an alternate screen for your desktop or laptop computer. It has its own software that allows you to control viewing options, and configure settings so that future viewing sessions are easy.

The Multiplying Variety of Content
Today your choice of entertainment is as easy as a search on the Internet. Movie and program downloads from CinemaNow, Movielink, Vongo and others allow you to access the film you want to watch, without waiting for DVDs in the mail or visiting the video rental store. Streaming versions of popular TV programs are now available to watch at your convenience from major network and cable channels. And you're no longer limited to content from studios and networks. Universities and schools offer video footage of your favorite sports. Personal video is available for sharing and viewing on websites like YouTube, MSN's Soapbox, Google Video and MySpace. Even international programming is available, from hundreds of countries all over the world, from providers like JumpTV or StreamBox. Until now, it was impossible to move this content from the PC screen to the TV screen.

PC2TV is powered by a unique video processing chip that resides in a small device that attaches to a TV. The device supports a number of video connections
(e.g., component, VGA, composite video outputs).
Whatever you want to watch can be transmitted via wireless technology from your PC to the TV.

This is the best part! The highest SD video quality at 30 frames per second. Your DVDs will look great
on the big screen; so will your Internet videos and photos. What you see on your PC monitor you will get on your TV. And the stereo sound makes it all even better.

The beauty of PC2TV is that it simplifies everything. No need to worry about format, codec or player compatibility. DVDs, Internet movies, online TV, webpages, PowerPoint presentations, Internet videos, photos—it plays everything.

System Requirements:
- PC Running Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista.
- 1.8 GHz Pentium processor or better (a dual-core processor is recommended).
- 512 MB RAM or more for Windows XP; 1GB RAM or more for Windows Vista.
- An Ethernet or wireless (802.11g or 802.11b/g) network adapter.
- TV, monitor, or projector, with Component or Composite (RCA) video input.
- A CD-ROM drive for PC2TV software installation.
- Wired or wireless Broadband (high speed Cable or DSL) Internet connection if Internet access is desired.

Package Contents:
- VisionTek PC2TV unit
- Application CD
- Users guide
- AC power cord
- Audio cable
- Video cable
- Ethernet cable