VisionTek TV Wonder 600 PCI TV Tuner

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VisionTek TV Wonder 600 PCI TV Tuner

High-Definition Personal Video Recorders for your PC
The TV Wonder™ 600 series of hybrid HD PVRs are full featured tuners for analog and digital TV enjoyment on a PC. Schedule, watch and record analog TV, "free-to-air" HDTV, and even watch the latest DVD titles, author your own DVD, or convert your recorded TV shows to take with you on your Portable Media Player. The entire experience is packaged within the attractive, easy-to-use 3D interface of ATI Catalyst™ Media Center software. Expand your PC use beyond the standard with the media capabilities of the TV Wonder™ 600 series – ideal solutions to bring your PC into your living room.

* HDTV with No Monthly Fees
* Personal Video Recorder
* Watch, pause, record live TV
* Fully integrated Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
* Video Input and Capture
* ATI Catalyst™ Media Center
* Built-in DVD decoder
* ATI Avivo™ Video Converter

ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite
ATI Catalyst™ Media Center is our new 3D interface that makes it easy to access the vast array of features on the ATI TV Wonder™ 600 series. Large, bright easy-to-read buttons with fully integrated Electronic Program Guide makes for an easy to use, intuitive interface.

* Electronic Program Guide
* Video Converter Supporting MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX, WMV9, and H264
* DVD decoder software
* DVD Authoring software

System Requirements
* AMD Athlon™ or AMD Sempron™, Intel® Pentium® 4 or Celeron®, (or compatible) CPU.
* Sound card and speakers.
* System memory: For Windows® XP: 256 MB required, 512 MB or more recommended for better performance. 1 GB or more recommended for Windows Vista®
* CD-ROM drive (for installation software).
* An ATI Radeon™ DirectX® 9 compatible or newer graphics card is recommended for optimal display output quality.
* Cable TV signal or amplified antenna.
* Free PCI Slot on Motherboard.

Supported Operating Systems
* Windows Vista (all versions)
* Windows XP
* Windows XP Media Center Edition

Package Contains
* TV Wonder 600 Hybrid TV tuner
* Audio Connector
* Full featured remote with receiver
* Installation CD
* Install Guide