VisionTek TV Wonder 650 USB TV Tuner for MAC

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VisionTek TV Wonder 650 USB TV Tuner for MAC

HDTV Tuner for Your MAC

* Over-the-air HDTV and Analog TV.  See your favorite TV shows and sports programs in stunning, true-to-life, high definition.
* High-quality analog TV on your MAC
* High Definition Personal Video Recorder for your MAC
* Video Input and Capture

Under Connector Guide
The TV Wonder™ 650 Combo USB TV tuner for MAC is a USB device that lets you enjoy over-the-air digital (ATSC) TV broadcasts on your Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook or iMac computer.  You can also receive analog (NTSC) broadcasts by connecting your home's TV cable line or external antenna to your TV Wonder 650.

System Requirements
* G4, G5, or Intel®-based system with native USB 2.0 support
* Dual G5 or better CPU for ATSC reception and recording
* 512MB of system memory, 1GB recommended
* Sound card and speakers
* OpenGL® 2.0 or newer graphics card is recommended for optimal display output quality (software will adjust video quality on lower-end graphics systems)
* Cable TV signal or amplified antenna for NTSC TV signals
* Amplified antenna for ATSC HDTV signals
* CD-ROM drive (for installation software)

Supported Operating Systems
* Mac OS X 10.4.10 and higher

ATI tvPORTAL™ Software Suite
* Ability to watch TV and DTV on your Mac
* Full PVR and time shifting functionality
* Fast forward, rewind, or pause live TV and DTV
* Record MPEG-2 videos with ease to your hard drive
* Locate the shows you want to watch with the built-in Electronic Programming Guide

Package Contains
* TV Wonder 650 USB TV tuner for MAC
* USB 2.0 cable
* Power adapter
* ATI tvPORTAL™ Installation CD-Rom
* Manual