Genius G-Note 7100 Digital Note Tablet

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Genius G-Note 7100 Digital Note Tablet

Genius presents the latest digital note device, the G-Note 7100, which is a multi-function digital device. When you attend a meeting or visit customers, G-Note 7100 can capture your notes, doodles, drawings and inspirations digitally anytime, anywhere. Just connect it to a PC, and you can transfer your handwriting for editing or sharing with others by e-mail. It makes working more convenient.

Just put normal paper on the digital pad and turn on the power, then you can write down everything you want with the digital pen. What you wrote is immediately saved in the digital pad memory. The built-in 32 MB memory can store more than one hundred pages, and there is a file management function. You won't lose anything you wrote and you can manage your recordings very easily and efficiently.

G-Note 7100 has other convenient and creative functions. The multiple color pen recognition (black blue and red digital pens) lets you take notes clearly. Plus, you can useitsmoothly with either hand because of the rotation function. Since you can rotate your G-Note 7100 in four directions, you can also take notes vertically or horizontally as you wish. When G-Note 7100 is connected to a PC, you can use the digital pad as a tablet and the digital pen can move on the pad just like how a mouse works.

Make the G-Note 7100 the professional tool in your daily life.

Key features:

- Professional device for meeting, note taking or presentation.
- A4/Letter size working pad.
- Two cordless pens for digital note and tablet.
- Canvas carries bag
- Built-in 32MB memory can store up to 100 pages
- Transfer digital pages to PC via USB cable for editing, organizing or sharing by e-mail

G-Note 7100
Writing Area: 231mm x 332mm (A4)
Resolution: 2,000 LPI
Proximity (paper thickness): 12 mm (120pages)
Report Rate: 200RPS
Interface: USB
Memory Type: 32MB Flash
File Format: FAT16/JPG/BMP
Digital Pen: 2pcs(Red, Black)
Portfolio: Yes
Tablet function: Yes
Rotation function: Yes