Genius PenSketch 6x8 Graphic Tablet

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Genius PenSketch 6x8 Graphic Tablet

PenSketch 6x8 is a new design tool for professional artists. Increase your productivity and fun with any professional publishing software. Using PenSketch 6x8 , you can draw and illustrate effortlessly. While processing images, the performance is more precise and more rapid. It also includes programmable "Hot-Cell" area for the office and Internet. Use it with the pen device for super shortcuts.

The cordless pen of PenSketch 6x8 features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity. While drawing with the digital pen, you can control all kinds of shapes and thickness easily. The two buttons of the pen can be programmed as the mouse left and right buttons. The pen- holder helps you store the digital pen and change the pen tip efficiently. In addition, the cordless mouse with scroll wheel gives you more convenience when working on the tablet.

We bundle Photoshop software in PenSketch 6x8 . PenSketch 6x8 makes it easy to quickly and professionally edit photos and creat digital artwork by turning on the full power of Photoshop. Besides Photoshop, the PenSuite software including Annotate All, Annotate for Word, Pen Commander, PenMail, PenSigner and PenPresenter and provides useful and convenient functions for your presentation or handwritten notes.

No matter if you want to edit photos, make a drawing or create any professional art work, PenSketch 6x8 will help you to accomplish your satisfying creations.

Key features:

* 6"x 8" working area for graphic design
* Cordless wheel mouse and rubber-coated pen
* Great tool for lithographs, graphic arts, or photographs
* Professional pen has 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of thickness control

PenSketch 6x8
Working Area: 8"x 6"
Resolution (LPI): 2000 (default)
Number of Buttons: 2
Pressure Sensitivity: 1024
Mouse Button: 3
Scroll Wheel: Yes
software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, Adobe Photoshop CS (Trial), Corel painter IX (Trial), PenSuite program (including: Annotate All/Word, Pen Commander, PenMail, PenSigner and PenPresenter).