Asus AiGuru S2 Wireless Skype Phone

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Asus AiGuru S2 Wireless Skype Phone

The AiGuru S2 is what you've been waiting for. Free calls from your living room, bedroom, bathroom or even patio! Connect wirelessly to any computer. Move around, talk, listen or play your favorite tunes. What's more, 802.11b+g wireless broadband technology ensures your conversation remains crystal clear. Skype audio channel auto switch, you can listen to music or Skype call without interference at all corners of your home.

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True freedom awaits. Receive e-mail alerts & messages instantly at every corner of your home or office

Wireless Skype Phone Supports Total Skype Functions

Weather you're in your bedroom, study, living room or outside on the patio, the AiGuru S2 sets you free from PC.Now you can Skype anywhere, anytime.

Personalized user interface
With a mobile phone-like user interface it has a 128 full color screen and can Skype sync up simultaneously
It can also display incoming calls, contact list and calling list inquiries.
This phone also acts as a remote control for playing your favorite Windows Media Player and iTune music from a PC.It also comes with a high-quality speaker located at the back of the phone.