Asus AiGuru U1 Skype Phone

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Asus AiGuru U1 Skype Phone

ASUS Skype Phone for EeePC !!

* Light and handy design and 11.8mm thin.
* Multiple ring tones and user-friendly graphic interface.
* The noise filter technology offers the voice quality of a conventional telephone but the cost of using Skype Phone is as low as using a network phone.
* Highly integrated Skype function on ASUS EeePC. Just plug-n-play the device on an ASUS EeePC notebook, without the need for driver installation.

Stylish USB Phone for Skype

* Attractive unique and slim design that is only 11.8 mm thick.
* Stylish and clean pearl white appearance with a white LCD backlight.

Easy To Use - Easy to Talk

* Use the AiGuru U1 to make Skype calls without any drivers on the Eee PC Linux system. It is also very straightforward to install for Windows XP 32 bit & Vista 32 bit operating systems. So you can now Skype with your friends instantly!
* The AiGuru U1´s simple user interface allows easy access to your Skype contacts list and call history; and comes with an incoming call with caller ID display.
* Superb audio quality with noise reduction function.
* 1.5 m long USB cable allows for simple plug & play!
* Supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Japanese languages and so on.