D-Link DPH-125MS VoiceCenter IP Phone

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D-Link DPH-125MS VoiceCenter IP Phone

What is VoiceCenter™?
D-Link® VoiceCenter™, a Microsoft® Response Point™ phone system, is an IP-based phone system designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) with support for up to 50 users. VoiceCenter provides numerous advantages over traditional PSTN (analog) phone systems while retaining the reliability of PSTN phone lines for accepting inbound and making outbound calls. Unlike previous generations of complicated, hard-to-use IP-based products, VoiceCenter is easy to install, manage, and maintain. Rather than taking days, it only takes a short amount of time to get the phone system up and running. VoiceCenter is also portable - businesses that need to relocate offices can easily take the phone system along. In addition, while D-Link provides solid phone system hardware, the integrated Microsoft Response Point phone system software provides state-of-the-art features such as Voice-activated Dialing and Voicemail Access, Automated Attendant for routing calls, and Automatic Phone and Gateway Discovery that allows for a simplified setup process.

Add More Phones As You Go
The VoiceCenter phone system is a scalable solution that supports up to 50 DPH-125MS IP Phones on a network. There are no fees or licenses required for adding more phones to the system. Thus, as your company grows and hires new employees, you only need to purchase more DPH-125MS IP Phones.

State-of-the-Art Features
The DPH-125MS IP Phone includes many standard and advanced features not found in analog phone systems. With the built-in Microsoft Response Point (RP) button, users have one-touch access to Voice-activated commands. Voice- activated Dialing is one of the Voice-activated commands that enable users to reach anyone in the company directory or their Microsoft Outlook address book by simply saying their name. Users can also transfer, park, and retrieve calls the same way. Voicemail to E-mail Forwarding is another convenient feature. With the Call History function, users can easily view the calls that were received as well as the calls that went out. In addition, standard features such as Mute, Hold, Transfer, Speakerphone, and 3-Way Conference functions are included.

Easy To Install And Use
Because the entire VoiceCenter phone system is designed with simplicity in mind, you can set up a phone and user from start to finish in minutes. To minimize time and hassle with Ethernet cabling, the IP Phone provides a pass-through Ethernet port for connecting another device such as a computer to a network. Once the hardware connection is made, you can use the Phone Setup Wizard provided by the Microsoft Response Point software to assign extensions and names that only takes a couple of steps.

The D-Link DPH-125MS IP Phone provides advanced and standard telephony features as part of VoiceCenter, a Microsoft Response Point phone system. With a solid, dependable hardware platform from D-Link and an easy to use, install, and manage phone system software from Microsoft, the VoiceCenter phone system is the clear choice for today's productivity and efficiency-minded small to medium-sized business.

Service Pack 1
Available via free download, Response Point Service Pack 1 (SP1) is a full suite of upgraded features, including seamless VoIP integration. With SP1, it is easy to use VoIP service to place external calls. By connecting to the standard public telephone system (PSTN) via your broadband Internet connection, you can improve the quality of communications while cutting costs.

Other SP1 enhancements include:

* Call status and call history features for visibility of all call activity
* New, advanced call handling options for easy transferring, parking, and dialing
* Upgraded firmware on phones and phone line adapters is available for SP1. The upgrade wizard automatically detects and provisions relevant devices
* Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers to better connect your employees and customers
* Voice-dial access to free directory assistance
* 64-bit compatibility