D-Link DPH-140S Business IP Phone

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DPH-140S Business IP Phone

D-Link®, an industry leader in networking, introduces the DPH-140S Business IP Phone, for use with VoIP phone services. The D-Link DPH-140S Business IP Phone is a full-featured, cost-effective, standard-compliant telephone that can be easily plugged to your home or office network via Ethernet cable.

The DPH-140S Business IP Phone is compatible with most VoIP service providers. It operates like a regular telephone, but is especially made for use with a VoIP phone service. With a VoIPphone service and this IP phone, avoid expensive long-distance and international phone toll charges.

The DPH-140S has a built-in Ethernet interface to simply connect to a DSL modem, cable modem, or to your broadband router. Once connected and logged on to the Internet, you are ready to make and receive calls.

The DPH-140S Business IP Phone incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) functions to deliver clear, high-quality voice communication in a variety of network conditions. With QoS, voice packets get a higher priority over data packets. Other features to improve call quality include acoustic echo cancellation, voice activity detection/comfort noise generation, and adaptive jitter buffer.

The DPH-140S Business IP Phone includes an integrated speakerphone, as well as a 2.5" LCD screen to display call information, such as the numbers you dial, address book entries, and caller ID numbers. Navigational menu keys make browsing the address book an easy process, while 10 memory function keys give you instant access to your most frequently called numbers. The DPH-140S also supports features such as redial, mute, transfer, voicemail LED, 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, and hold.

Using the DPH-140S Business IP Phone gives you the advantages of VoIP, while retaining the same look and feel of a traditional advanced desktop telephone.