D-Link DPH-140S-PD IP Phone

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D-Link DPH-140S-PD IP Phone

The D-Link VoIP Desktop Phone with Worksmart™ Services (DPH-140S-PD) is a full-featured, cost-effective standards-based IP telephone designed for use with your small office or home office network. The DPH-140S-PD offers the functionality of legacy telephone devices while helping reduce long-distance and international phone toll charges when used with Worksmart services from PanTerra Networks™.

What D-Link and Worksmart Can Do For You
The high costs of management, staffing, and migration keep many companies from implementing enterprise-grade communication systems. Worksmart from PanTerra Networks keeps your risks low by hosting and maintaining the systems for your company. Worksmart includes a full-spectrum of on-demand unified communications services with a single billing, provisioning, administration, and an intuitive dashboard interface, which allows you to easily configure your service preferences. Services can be activated and deactivated in minutes. You can start with just the services you need and expand when your business grows. The end-to-end solution from D-Link and PanTerra Networks enables you to work effectively and economically with high employee productivity and efficiency – focus on your core business instead of your phone systems.

Phone Features
The DPH-140S-PD incorporates Quality of Service (QoS) to help deliver clear, high-quality voice communication in a variety of network conditions. When used with a QoS-enabled router (such as the DIR-625), VoIP communication packets receive a higher priority over regular data packets, enabling clear, uninterrupted audio communication. Other features that help improve call quality include acoustic echo cancellation, voice activity detection, comfort voice generation, and adaptive jitter buffer.

The DPH-140S-PD includes an integrated speakerphone and a 2.5" LCD screen that displays call information such as the numbers dialed, address book entries, and caller ID. Navigational menu keys make browsing the address book a breeze, while 10-memory speed dial keys provide instant access to frequently called numbers. The DPH-140S-PD also includes common telephone features such as redial, mute, transfer, voice mail LED, 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding and call hold.

The DPH-140S-PD VoIP Desktop Phone provides you the advantages of IP communications when used with Worksmart services from PanTerra Networks™ while retaining the features and ease-of-use of a traditional advanced desktop telephone.

What is Worksmart?
Worksmart is a tightly integrated suite of Software- as-a-Service ("SaaS") services that is delivered in a subscription-based pay-as-you-use method. It is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses seeking a more efficient and productive solution to yesterday's multi-vendor silo service approach to voice, video, messaging, and collaboration technologies. Worksmart seamlessly integrates all your communication needs including voice, PBX hardware, conferencing, secure instant messaging, collaboration, remote desktop and contact center services onto a single future proof scalable platform.