D-Link DVC-2000 Broadband Desktop Videophone

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DVC-2000 Broadband Desktop Videophone

D-Link is pleased to introduce its latest product in broadband Internet videophone technology. The i2eye™ DVC-2000 Broadband VideoPhone is a full-featured desktop videoconferencing device with a built-in 5" color LCD screen. Since the DVC-2000 is a standalone device, you do not need a computer or television to videoconference over the Internet.

Using advanced video compression technology, the DVC-2000 maximizes the image and audio quality within the available bandwidth. It can send and receive video at up to 30 frames per second to deliver real-time audio and video.

The DVC-2000's unique Auto IP Mapping feature makes initiating a videoconference call over the Internet as simple as dialing a phone number. Instead of identifying your DVC-2000 by an IP address, you will assign it a "phone number" of your choice. As incoming i2eye callers dial that phone number, a remote directory service provided by D-Link (at no charge) automatically converts it into your i2eye's corresponding IP address.

The DVC-2000 features a very intuitive user interface and keypad, making it simple to answer incoming videophone calls or initiate new ones. Browse through all names and numbers in the built-in phonebook directory. Control the display of the LCD screen by switching between the Picture-in-Picture and Full Screen mode. For added convenience, a speakerphone mode provides you with hands-free videoconferencing.

The DVC-2000's privacy mode blocks video and/or audio from being sent to the other end of the call. You can also activate the Do Not Disturb mode to avert any incoming calls. And most importantly, know who's calling before you answer with the built-in caller ID.

A Setup Wizard guides you step-by-step through the setup process and makes it easy to personalize and change your videoconferencing options. You can also connect the DVC-2000 to a standard phone line and use it as a voice-only analog telephone.

Be there real time, anytime. You won't miss a moment with your friends, family, and colleagues with the i2eye DVC-2000 Broadband VideoPhone.