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GE 21518EE1 Cell Fusion Gateway

GE 21518EE1 Cell Fusion Gateway

Never Miss a Cell Call in Your Home Again! Cell Fusion™ allows you to use your home phone to make and receive cellular calls from anywhere in your house. Simple pairing process allows you to pair up to 2 Bluetooth cell phones with one touch.

* Pairs up to 2 Bluetooth Cell Phones
* Designed to use with ANY Residential Home Phone
* Designed to use WITH or WITHOUT a Home Phone Line

Compatible with all cordless phones and cellular phones.

For those who want to get rid of a land line but do not want to use the cellphone to make the calls at home, because it is not as comfortable as the bigger home phones. This device fixes that problem and more. You can connect it to your existing phone system and make and receive calls throughout the home. Caller ID information also gets directed from your cell phone to your home phones so you can see who is calling!

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