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GE 25942GE1 Cordless 5.8GHz Phone

GE 25942GE1 Cordless 5.8GHz Phone

GE Cordless 5.8GHz Phone with Caller ID and Digital Answering System

Call-Waiting Caller ID with 40 Name and Number Memory — Display shows name and number of incoming call even if you’re on the phone with another caller. Memory holds information for the latest 40 calls.

Digital Answering System — Technology that uses a digital processor toanswer phone calls and record messages.

Visual Ring Indicator — Alerts user that new call is incoming.

10 Number Memory — Speeds dialing of frequently used numbers.


* DECT 6.0 Technology
* Call Waiting Caller ID
* Backlit LCD
* Desk or Wall Mountable
* Expandable
* Message Indicator
* Handset Volume Control
* Hearing Aid Compatible
* Line in Use Indicator
* Volume Control
* Headset Jack
* Flash Function
* One-Touch Redial
* Dial Back Function/Redial
* Digital Recording Technology
* Remote Message Retrieval
* Ringer Volume Control
* Ringer Select/Toll Saver
* Tone/Pulse Switchable
* Enhanced Visual Ringer
* Page/Find Button
* Mute
* Automatic Date & Time Set
* One Year Limited Warranty

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