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GE 27906GE1 Amplified Cordless Phone

GE 27906GE1 Amplified Cordless Phone

The GE 2.4 GHz Audio Boost Phone is specifically designed for ease of use, functionality and mild hearing loss. The Audio boost feature will aid you in hard to hear situations and the oversized ear seal creates improved hearing capability. GE, one of the world’s most trusted brands, has developed this phone, an exceptional value for your investment, with features that enhance not only hearing, but visibility as well.

Large, Easy-To-Use Buttons — Simplify entering phone numbers.
Call-Waiting Caller ID with 40 Name and Number Memory — Display shows name and number of incoming call even if you’re on the phone with another caller. Memory holds information for the latest 40 calls.
Caller ID Review and Delete — Allows you to scroll through the list of incoming calls and delete those not wanted.
Large, Easy-To-Use Buttons — Simplify entering phone numbers.
Audio Boost — Easy adjustment for improved hearing.
Handset Volume Control — Adjusts incoming call volume to desired level.
One-Touch Redial — Quickly redials the last number dialed.
Flash Function — Allows access to subscription telephone services like 3-Way calling.
Easy Wall Mount Capability — Enables installation fl exibility. Phone can sit on a fl at surface or be hung on a wall.

Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Digital / Analog: Analog
Number of Lines: 1
Number of Handsets (Included): 1
Digital Security System: No
Backlit Keypad: Yes
Backlit LCD: Yes
Call Timer: Yes
Dial in Handset: Yes
Flash Function: Yes
Line-In-Use Indicator: HS In Use
One-Touch Redial: Yes
Phonebook/Directory Memory: Yes
Memory Dialing (Speed Dialing): 10
Pause: Yes
Tone/Pulse Switchable Dialing: Yes
Tone Feedback When Dialing: Yes
Temporary Tone: Yes
Handset Volume Control: Yes 1-4
Hearing Aid Compatible: Yes
Ringer Control: Yes On/Off
Ringtones, Selectable: 3
Handset Visual Ringer: Yes
Base Visual Ringer: Yes
Page/Find: Yes

Caller ID Memory: 40
Caller ID Review & Delete: Yes
Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
Dial-Back Function: Yes
Voicemail Waiting Indicator (VMWI): Yes
Volume Control: Yes

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