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GE 28300EE1 Skype DECT 6.0 Phone

GE 28300EE1 Skype DECT 6.0 Phone

Our Skype Certified Telephone Systems allow you to use Skype with the comfort and convenience of a home phone. This WiFi friendly phone is expandable to 6 handsets, and makes standard and Internet calls.

Skype™ Certifed — Skype™ is a program for making free calls over the internet. It’s free, easy to use, and works with most computers.
DECT 6.0 Technology — Digital wireless technology providing interference free, encrypted security.
Call-Waiting Caller ID — Display shows name and number of incoming call even if you’re on the phone with another caller.
Expandable Up to 6 Handsets — Use up to 6 handsets with base system and place in multiple rooms. Just plug extra handsets into power outlets. Only 1 phone jack needed.
Color LCD — Graphic color display allows easy navigation through menus and personalization of the handset’s wallpaper and color scheme.
Melody Ring Tones — Customize individual handset with a choice of unique melody ring tones.
WiFi & Bluetooth Friendly — Phone will not interfere with your WiFi network.

Frequency: DECT 6.0
Digital / Analog: Digital
Number of Lines: 1 PSTN and 1 Skype
Number of Handsets (Included): 1
Expandable Handsets: 6 total
Expandable Base Stations: 4
Digital Security System: Yes
Full-Duplex Speakerphone: Yes
Handset Speakerphone: Yes
Speakerphone Volume Control: Yes
Backlit LCD: Yes
Color LCD: Yes
Display Contrast Adjustment: Yes
Multilingual Message Display (NEW 4/4/06): Yes
Wallpapers: Yes
Call Conferencing: Yes
Call Timer: Yes
Call Transfer: Yes
Dial in Handset: Yes
Do Not Disturb Feature: Yes
Flash Function: Yes
Hold: Yes
Line-In-Use Indicator: Yes
Line Status Indicator: Yes
Phonebook/Directory Memory: 100
Memory Dialing (Speed Dialing): 10
Pause: Yes
Tone/Pulse Switchable Dialing: Tone only
Tone Feedback When Dialing: Yes
Temporary Tone: No
Voicemail System: No
Distinctive Ring For Each Line: Yes
Handset Volume Control: Yes
Hearing Aid Compatible: Yes
Loudspeaker Volume Control: Yes
Mute: Yes
Number of Microphones: 1
Ringer Control: Yes
Ringtones, Selectable: Yes
Ringtones, Melody: Yes
Ringtones, VIP: Yes
Ringtones, Polyphonic: Yes
All Station Page (Page All): Yes
Cordless Handset Option: Yes
Intercom: Yes
Page/Find: Yes
Room Monitor: Yes
WiFi Friendly: Yes

Automatic Date & Time Set: Yes
Built-in Clock and Calendar: Clock only
Caller ID Memory: 20 for PSTN, unlimited for Skype
Caller ID Review & Delete: Yes
Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
Dial-Back Function: Yes

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