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GE 28821FJ3 DECT 6.0 Premiere GOOG-411 Phone

GE 28821FJ3 DECT 6.0 Premiere GOOG-411 Phone

GE DECT 6.0 Premiere - Speakerphone, Intercom and Room Monitor Featuring GOOG-411™

Free Directory Assistance

1. Use the dedicated one touch button on your GE phone.
2. Search for a business by name or category.
3. GOOG-411™ connects your call for free!


* Google FREE One Touch Directory Assistance
* Digital Clock with Alarm
* True Digital Sound
* Speakerphone (Desk or Wall Mountable)
* Digital Room Monitoring
* Answer Incoming Calls on Any Device
* Digital Answering System with Message Playback
* Ignore a Call
* 2-Way Wireless Intercom
* Dect 6.0 Technology
* Call Waiting Caller ID
* Interference Free
* Expandable up to 6 Handsets
* Encrypted Security
* WiFi Friendly
* Bluetooth Friendly
* Digital Message Counter
* Handset Speakerphone
* Easy Read LCD
* Blue Backlit Keypad
* Blue Backlit LCD
* Selectable Ringtones
* Do Not Disturb
* Visual Ring Indicator
* One Year Limited Warranty

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