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GE 29578BE1 Amplified Corded Phone

GE 29578BE1 Amplified Corded Phone

GE Amplified Corded Phone for Moderate-Severe Hearing Loss with Large Buttons

See and Hear. Loud and Clear™. Designed exclusively for the special needs of moderate to sever hearing loss and visual impairment. Easy of Use features include Audio Boost up to 40dB with a Maximum Output of 104 dB SPL, Amplified Ringer up to 90dB, 3-Band Equalizer for Tone Control, Oversized Keypad for Easy Use, Braille on Keypad, Enhanced Visual Ringer, Amplified Speakerphone, Visual Ring Indicator, 3 One-Touch Emergency Number Buttons, 4 One-Touch Speed Dial Buttons with Name or Picture ID Card, Amplified Neckloop Jack, Vibrating Alert Included, Hearing Aid Compatible, 2-Year Warranty.


* Big Buttons
* Hearing Aid Compatible
* Visual Ring Indicator
* Amplified Ringer
* Amplified Base Speakerphone
* 3 Band Equalizer for Tone Control
* Vibrating Alert Included
* Amplified Neckloop Jack
* 3 One-Touch Buttons
* Braille on Keypad
* Enhanced Visual Ringer
* 2 Year Warranty

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