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GE 29871GE3 Digital Answering System

GE 29871GE3 Digital Answering System

GE Digital Answering System with 30 Minutes Record Time

Digital Answerer with up to 30 Minutes Record Time — Better reliability - no tapes or tape decks to break jam, or wear out.: Digital microchip provides instant playback of messages.
3 Adjustable Viewing Angles — Enables best visibility of display and buttons.
Voice Time/Day Stamp — Voice stamp recites time and day each message received.
Auto Disconnect — Outgoing announcement automatically stops and resets when any phone in the house is answered.
Call Screening — Allows user to listen to caller leaving message.
Remote Function with Voice Menu — Voice menu system guides user through remote functions so no pocket card is needed.
Ring-Select Switch with Toll Saver (2,5,TS) — Gives user a choice of: how many rings before answerer takes the call. Toll Saver delays answering if there are no messages, so if you are calling long-distance to check messages, you can hang up and avoid paying for the call.

Number of Lines: 1
# of Message Mailboxes: 1
Answerer On/Off with Indicator: Yes
Call Screening: Yes
Digital Recording Technology: Yes
Language Voice Prompts: English/Spanish
Message Power Failure Protection: Yes
Message Counter: Yes
New Message Indicator: : Yes
Recording Time: Up To 30 Minutes
Remote Message Retrieval: Yes
Ring Select / Toll Saver: 2,3,4,5 orTS
Voice Menu System: Yes
Voice Time/Day Stamp: Yes
Volume Control: Yes 1-8

Desk or Wall Mountable: Desk Only
Color/Packaging: GE3=Silver & Black / Giftbox
Dimensions (Product) (inches): 6.10 x 1.46 x 5.20
Dimensions (Packaging) (inches) Individual Giftbox: 9.37 x 6.38 x 1.89
Dimensions (Master Carton) (inches) Giftbox Master Carton: 6.69 x 9.65 x 6.50
Master Carton Quantity Giftbox Master Carton Qty: 3
Weight (Product Without Carton) (lbs): 0.46
Weight (Single Carton / Master Carton) Giftbox Single / Master Carton Weight (lbs): 1.25 / 3.96
UPC Code: 044319402513

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