Panasonic KX-T7630-B IP-PBX Phone

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Panasonic KX-T7630-B IP-PBX Phone
IP-PT to LAN Connection  No
IP-PT to PC Connection  No
LCD  3-Line
Backlit LCD  No
Alphanumeric Display  Yes
Adjustable LCD Contrast level  Yes
Caller ID 1  Yes
Call Log  Yes
Call Log, Callback  Yes
Multi-Language LCD Support  Yes
Navigator Key  Yes
Multi-Angle Tilt Body  Yes, four angles to allow for the most comfortable positioning
Message/Ringing Lamp  Yes
Melody Ringer  Yes, 10 melodies to choose from for each CO
Ring Tones  Yes, choice of 20 tone types for each CO
Hands-Free Speakerphone  Yes
Headset Jack  Yes
Flexible Outside (CO) Line Buttons  Yes, 24 keys
Dual Color LED  Yes, green and red illumination, depending upon line status
Conference  Yes, up to 8-party
Auto Dial/Store  Yes
Automatic Redial  Yes
Wall Mountable Capability  Yes
Built-in Speaker  Yes
Paging  Yes, through the built-in speaker
OHCA (Off-hook Call Announcement)  Yes
Off-hook Monitor  Yes
Background Music (BGM)  Yes, users can hear the BGM through the system speaker when on-hook
FWD/DND (Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb)  Yes
Whisper OHCA  Yes
Intercom  Yes
eXtra Device Port (XDP)  Yes, with Independent and Parallel Modes
Built-in USB Port  Yes, with the use of the KX-T7601 USB Module Card
Speed Dial  Yes, up to 1000 programmable system speed dial numbers
PC Integration  Yes, optional USB port makes PC integration simple and seamless
12 Key Add-On Module Compatible  No
Cancel Key  Yes
Transfer Key  Yes
Hold Key  Yes
Message Key  Yes
Flash/Recall Key  Yes
Auto Answer/Mute Key  Yes
Pause Key  Yes