Panasonic KX-TG4321B 5.8 GHz Phone

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Panasonic KX-TG4321B 5.8 GHz Phone

Night Mode Lets You Choose Where the Phone Rings
Now you can program each handset to ring — or not — at your discretion. Before going to sleep, simply set the bedside handset to Night Mode so that it won't ring in your bedroom. In the meantime, the handset in the den will still ring when that important call comes in without disturbing the person who's sleeping.

See Who's Calling, Even If You're Already on the Phone
We've all become accustomed to Caller ID and its ability to let us see who's calling before we answer the phone. But what happens when you're already on the phone and another call comes in on Call Waiting? Until now, you wouldn't know who was beeping in unless you answered it. With Call Waiting Caller ID2, you get the best of both worlds. So now when you get a beep, you can see who's calling before you answer.

Put a Handset in Every Room
With one base handset included and the option of adding up to three additional handsets - all while using only one base and one phone jack — go ahead and put one in the den, the kitchen and the master bedroom so you won't have to make a run for it when the phone rings.

Never Miss a Call with the Light-Up Indicator
Don't miss important calls when the ringer is off. The Light-Up Indicator with Ringer Alert at the base of the antenna will flash quickly to show that you have an incoming call, and it will flash slowly to let you know you have a new message. So turn off the ringer and never miss a call.

Color: Black
Frequency: 5.8 GHz
System: FHSS
Channels: 89
Multi-Handset Capability: 1 (Max 4-H/S)
Number of Phone Lines: 1
Number of Included Handsets: 1
LCD Language: English/Spanish
Clarity Booster: Yes
Night Mode: Yes
Light Up (Indicator/LED): Yes (1-color)
Light-Up Antenna with Ringer/Message Alert (Handset): Yes (1-color)
Ringer ID: Yes
Menu Operation: Yes
Call Waiting Caller ID 1: Yes
Caller ID Memory and Dialer 2: 50 items
Voicemail: Yes
Phone Directory Sharing: 50 items (16char/32digits)
Chain Dial: Yes
LCD: Handset: 1.4" Dot, 16 Digits x 3 Line
3-Line Backlit LCD on Handset and Base Unit: Handset only
Indicator (Handset): LCD backlit, Ringer LED
Voice Mail Message-Waiting Indicator: Yes
Message Alert (Handset LED): Yes
Lighted Handset Keypad: No
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody): Handset: 7 (3+4)
Base: 1 (1+0)
Ringer Volume Control: H/S: High/Mid/Low/Off
Base: High/Mid/Low/Off
Mute: Soft Key
Hold: Yes, on handset
Flash button: Yes (FLASH/CALL WAIT)
Pause: 3.5 Seconds
Redial: 5 Numbers
Talk Volume Control: Handset: 3-Step
Speakerphone: Handset only
Speakerphone Volume: Handset: 6-Step
2-Way Intercom: Handset-Handset
Conferencing: 4-Way (HS-HS-HS-Line)
Join In/Privacy: Barge In
Dialer Storage Capacity/Redial Memory: 5-History (Name & No.)
Any Key Answer: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Clock: Yes
Battery Type: Ni-MH (AAA x 2)
Talk Time: 5 Hours
Standby Battery Life: 11 days
Voice Prompt Language: English/Spanish
Recharge Time: 7 hours
Headset Jack: No
Handset Locator: Yes
Wall Mountable: Yes
Dual Keypads: No
Digital Answering System: Yes, 12 min.
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
TAM: Yes
Recording Time (ICM+Memo+OGM): About 12 min.
TAM Volume: Off + 8-Step
Tone Remote (DTMF) Operation: Yes
Tollsaver: Yes
Call Screening: Yes
Optional Handset: KX-TGA430
Dimension Base Unit H x W x D mm (inches): 53(2.08)x 144(5.66) x 107(4.21)
Handset H x W x D mm (inches): 156(6.14) x 48(1.88) x 32(1.25)
Weight Base Unit g (lbs): 190(0.41)
Weight Handset g (lbs): 130(0.28)