Panasonic KX-TG6051 Color Phone

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Panasonic KX-TG6051 Color Phone

Color Your Home with Panasonic Color Phones
What makes a house a home is your own personal touch. Everything in your home deserves to bear your signature style — right down to your phone. Available in six great colors: Bronze, Deep Blue, Orange, Pearl Pink, Red and Wine Red.

Put a Different Colored Handset in Every Room
This model is expandable to up to three additional handsets, giving you a total of four handsets, all while using only one base and one phone jack. You can also choose different handset and base colors so you can match your phone to your room's decor. So go ahead and put a different color in the den, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the living room.

Turn the Ringer Off…
Don't miss important calls when the ringer is off. The Light-Up Indicator at the base of the antenna will flash quickly to show that you have an incoming call, and it will flash slowly to let you know you have a new message in your voice mailbox. You can also choose up to three different light-up indicator colors to link to your pre-programmed phonebook data. Light-Up ID requires corresponding Caller ID information to be received from an incoming call.

…Or Keep the Ringer On
With Ringer ID, you can choose from a downloaded or selectable ringer to link to your pre-programmed phonebook data, which also requires corresponding Caller ID information to be received from an incoming call.

Voices Come Through Loud and Clear
By simulating a band signal above and below the normal bandwidth limitations, Voice Enhancer Technology helps clarify and improve sound reception creating a natural-sounding voice that is easy to hear and understand.

Let the Kids Join the Conversation
With a Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the back of each handset, you can enjoy convenient, high-quality, hands-free conversations from any room in the house. So let the kids join in on the conversation with Grandma and Grandpa, or paint your nails while you chat with your best friend.

See Who's Calling, Even If You're Already on the Phone
We've all become accustomed to Caller ID and its ability to let us see who's calling before we answer the phone. But what happens when you're already on the phone and another call comes in on Call Waiting? Until now, you wouldn't know who was beeping in unless you answered it. With Call Waiting Caller ID2, you get the best of both worlds. So now when you get a beep, you can see who's calling before you answer…but we'll leave that decision up to you!