Panasonic KX-TG6051M Expandable System

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-25
Panasonic KX-TG6051M Expandable System

The Phone That Talks
When a call comes in, this phone doesn't just let you see who's calling, it actually tells you who's calling with Talking Caller ID1 2. Using text-to-speech technology, the caller's name is announced between rings if name/number Caller ID1 information is available.

Can You Repeat That?
With SlowTalk® message playback, you'll never miss important information again. You can slow down the playback speed of recorded messages by 30 percent at the touch of a button. And with this system's all-digital answering system, those messages will already be crystal clear and easy to retrieve, with up to 18 minutes of recording time.

Voices Come Through Loud and Clear
By simulating a band signal above and below the normal bandwidth limitations, Voice Enhancer Technology helps clarify and improve sound reception creating a natural-sounding voice that is easy to hear and understand.

Turn the Ringer Off…
Don't miss important calls when the ringer is off. The Light-Up Indicator at the base of the antenna will flash quickly to show that you have an incoming call, and it will flash slowly to let you know you have a new message. You can also choose up to three different light-up indicator colors to link to your pre-programmed phonebook data. Light-Up ID1 4 requires corresponding Caller ID information to be received from an incoming call.

…Or Keep the Ringer On
With Ringer ID1, you can choose from a downloaded or selectable ringer to link to your pre-programmed phonebook data, which also requires corresponding Caller ID information to be received from an incoming call.

Let the Kids Join the Conversation
With a Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the back of each handset, you can enjoy convenient, high-quality, hands-free conversations from any room in the house. So let the kids join in on the conversation with Grandma and Grandpa, or paint your nails while you chat with your best friend.


Talking Caller ID
White Backlit Display
Voice Enhancer Technology
Light-Up Indicator with Ringer (3 colors)/ Message Alert
Voice Enhancer Technology
Digital Handset Speakerphone
Ringer ID
Light-Up ID
Intercom between Handsets
Spanish LCD and Voice Prompt
Expandable Up to 4 Handsets
Up to 4-Way Conference Capability
Pure 5.8 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Digital Technology
Wireless Network Friendly
Phonebook Sharing
Built-In Clock with Alarm on Handset
Ni-MH Battery Included
Call Waiting Caller ID
50-Station Phonebook and Dialer
18-Minute All-Digital Answering System
Headset Jack

Color  Platinum
Frequency  5.8 GHz
System  FHSS
Wireless Network Friendly  Yes
Channels  89
Multi-Handset Capability  1 (Max 4-H/S)
LCD Language  English/Spanish
Slow Talk (Handset)  Yes
Light Up ID(Indicator/LED)  Yes
Ringer ID  Yes
Number of Included Handsets  1
Call Waiting Caller ID 1  Yes
Talking Caller ID 2  Yes
Talking Caller ID (Handset)  Yes
Voicemail  Yes
Voice Enhancer Technology  Yes
Menu Operation  Yes
Light-Up Antenna with Ringer/Message Alert (Handset)  Y (3 color + multi)
Navigator Key  Yes
Digital Answering System  Yes
Voice Prompts & Time/Day Stamp  English/Spanish
Pre-Recorded OGM  About 18 min.
Remote (Handset)  Yes
Tone Remote (DTMF) Operation  Yes
Base Speakerphone  No
Handset Speakerphone  Yes
Battery Type  Ni-MH (3 cell)5, HHR-P107
Recharge Time (Hours)  7
Number of Phone Lines  1
Line Status Indicator  No
Conferencing  4-Way (HS-HS-HS-Line)
Any Key Answer  Yes
3-Line Backlit LCD on Handset and Base Unit  Dot 16 digits x 3 line on Handset
LCD (Handset)  Yes
Indicator (Handset)  LCD backlit / Antenna / LED
Message Alert (Handset LED)  Yes
Caller ID Memory and Dialer 3  50 items
Voice Mail Message-Waiting Indicator  Yes
Dual Keypads  No
Easy Operation  Yes
Phone Directory and Dialer Stations  50 Stations
Chain Dial  Yes
Dialer Storage Capacity/Redial Memory  5-History (Name & No.)
Clock  Yes
Alarm  Yes
Phone Directory Sharing  Y3
2-Way Intercom  Yes
Handset Locator  Yes
Room Monitor  No
Wall Mountable  Yes
Hold  Yes, on handset
Mute  Soft Key
Voice Scramble (Digital Security)  Yes
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)  7 (3 + 4)
Headset Jack  Yes
Low Battery Indicator  Yes
Flash button  Y (FLASH/CALL WAIT)
Redial  Yes
Pause  Yes
Handset Volume Control (Low/Med/Hi)  3-Step
Ringer Control (Off/Low/Hi)  High / Mid / Low/ Off
Join In/Privacy  Y/N
Flash Memory  Yes
Ringer Pattern Base (Tone+Melody)  3 (3 + 0)
Speakerphone Volume  No
Intercom (Handset to Base)  Yes
Intercom (Handset to Handset)  Yes
Base Intercom (Base to Handset)  Y (Paging all only)
Standby Battery Life  11 days
Talk Time  5 Hours
TAM  Yes
Tollsaver  Yes
Recording Time (ICM+Memo+OGM)  About 18 min.
TAM Volume  Off + 8-Step
Call Screening  Yes
Voice Prompt Language  English/Spanish
Handset H x W x D (mm)  156 x 48 x 33
Dimension Base Unit H x W x D (mm)  97 x 120 x 144
Weight Base unit (g)  270g
Weight Handset (g)  160g