Panasonic KX-TH1211B Bluetooth-Enabled Phone System

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Panasonic KX-TH1211B Bluetooth-Enabled Phone System

Make Your Lifeline Your Home Line
Your cell phone is your "lifeline." It keeps you connected at work, on the road, even at home. And now, there's a better way to make and receive calls at home with ultimate comfort and convenience. Panasonic Link-to-Cell uses Bluetooth® technology to connect your cell calls to your home handset extensions. No more running for your cell, walking around for good reception, or cradling that little phone on your shoulder. Better yet, you get to tap into your free cell minutes for talk time and you can charge your cell while using the home handsets. Now, that's convenience!

How Does It Work?
Just link any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to your Link-to-Cell base unit and you're good to go. It's that easy. Set up takes only seconds, and you can link up to two phones at once. Talking Caller ID lets you know who's calling and custom ring tones tell you which cell phone is ringing.

With Link-to-Cell, You Can:

* Talk comfortably and clearly on your cell anywhere in your house
* Charge your cell phone while using your home handset on a cell call
* Utilize the system even if you don't have a landline
* Take advantage of your cell plan's free nights and weekend minutes
* Assign different ring tones to each cell, so you know whose cell is ringing
* Expand your home system with up to five additional handsets so you can take cell calls anywhere in the house
* Relax… once you set up your Link-to Cell system, the handsets will automatically connect to your cell phone as long as it's within 30 of the base unit

General Information
Frequency/Technology: 1.9 GHz/DECT 6.0
Multi-Handset Capability: 1 (Max 6 H/S)
Phone Lines: 1
LCD Language: English/Spanish
Channels: 60 Channels

Advanced Features
Link to Cell technology: Yes, up to 2 cell phones
Multi-Cell phone capability: Yes, up to 2 cell phones
Easy Operation (menu driven): Yes
Voice mail Message-Waiting Indicator: Yes

Caller ID/Phone Book
Call Waiting Caller ID: Yes
Talking Caller ID 1: Handset Only
Ringer ID: Yes
Caller ID Memory: 50
Phone Book: 50 entries
Chain Dial: Yes
Phone Book Sharing: 50 items (16 char/32 digits)

Basic Features
Speakerphone: Handset Only
Hold: Handset Only
Mute: Handset Only
Soft Key
Flash: Yes (Flash/Call Wait)
Redial: 5-history (Name & No.)
Ringer Tones: 7 (3+4)
Ringer Melodies: 4
Ringer Volume Control: High/Mid/Low/Off (Handset only)
Talk Volume Control: 3-step (Handset only)
Any Key Answer: Yes
LCD (Handset): 1.4" Dot 16 Digits x 3 Line
White Backlit Color
Line Status Indicator: Handset only
Handset Locator: Yes
Intercom: Handset to Handset
Multi-way Conferencing: up to 4-way (H/S-H/S-H/S-LINE) (PSTN Only)
Programmable Tone/Pulse: Yes
Wall Mountable: Yes
Lighted Handset Keypad: Yes
Lighted Indicator with Ringer/Message Alert: Yes (1-color)
Battery Type: Ni-MH (AAA x 2)
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Headset Jack: Yes
Night Mode: Yes
Call Block: Yes
Registered from Function Menu/Caller List: Yes/Yes
Talking Phone (Talking Alarm Clock/Talking Battery Alert): Yes
Voice Mail: Yes
Speakerphone Volume: 6-step
Barge in (Call Share): Yes, PSTN only
Battery Life (Talk Time): 5 hours
Battery Life (Standby Time): 11 days
Charge Time: 7 hours
Belt Clip: Yes

Apple: iPhone
Audiovox: SMT5600
LG: PM-325, VX5300, Fusic, Chocolate
Nokia: 7610, 6230, 6131, N80, 6085, N75
Motorola: A630, Mpx220, Razor V3, ROKR E1, V550, V600, V710, SLVR L6, PEBL U6, KRZR K1, RIZR Z3, A1200, Q, RAZR2 V9
Panasonic: X70
RIM: BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl), BlackBerry 8300(Curve), BlackBerry 8310(Curve), BlackBerry 8800
Samsung: SCH-i730, SGH-X-830, E870, A930, SGH-D520, SGH-F300, SCH-a640, T809, SGH-U600, SGH-Z240, SGH-J600, SGH-E250, SGH E890, BlackJack II
Siemens: S56, SX66
T-Mobile: S710a, T610, W810i, W508i, 7050, Dash

Base Dimensions (H x W x D) mm (inches): 135(5.31) x 178(7.00) x 75(2.95)
Handset Dimensions (H x W x D) mm(inches): 155(6.10) x 48(1.88) x 33(1.29)
Charger Dimensions (H x W x D) mm(inches): 51(2.00) x 75(2.95) x 88(3.46) / 54(2.12) x 77(3.03) x 89(3.50)
Base Weight g (lbs): 290 (0.63)
Handset Weight w/Battery g (lbs): 130 (0.28)
Charger Weight g (lbs): 60(0.13)/70(0.15)