Trendnet TVP-SP2 VoIP USB Speakerphone

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Trendnet TVP-SP2 VoIP USB Speakerphone

The USB Speakerphone allows you to use the Internet to make hands-free conference calls. It is compatible with the leading Skype™, and instant messaging applications such as MSNT & Yahoo Messenger. The USB Speakerphone utilizes advanced VoIP technology to deliver a cost-effective alternative to standard telephony solutions.


* Hands-free with speaker-out support, dedicated for in office conference call
* Supports Mute feature
* Built-in high performance microphone and mono speaker
* Echo-cancellation function provides superior sound quality
* Compliant with VoIP solution or instant message software such as Skype™, Yahoo Messenger™& MSN Messenger™
* LCD display for caller ID, contact list, calling list with backlight support
* Supports Multi-Language display and Hot-Key functions for easy control
* Compliant with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* Plug& Play
* 2-year limited warranty