Uniden ANA9710 Analog Interface Cordless Phone

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Uniden ANA9710 Analog Interface Cordless Phone

The ANA9710 is exlusively engineered for use with all analog phone lines to provide greater flexibility and improved productivity while away from your desk. Customer satisfaction increases as calls no longer go unanswered. And the best part, you'll increase productivity while becoming more efficient.

Features & Info

Digital Spread Spectrum Technology - Offers unparalleled range. It's the best defense against unwanted interference and it provides superior voice communication security.

Display (ANA9710) - The ANA9710 provides quick and easy-to-read information with a 2-line, 16-digit dot-matrix display and 3 status icons.

Redial, Pause, Search, and Memory

Headset Jack

Conference - Allows you to add other parties to your call through your PBX.

3 Selectable Ring Tones and Vibrate Ringer

Ringer ON/OFF Switch on the Handset

4 Step Volume Control

Mute - Disconnects the microphone for private conversations

Page/Find - Allows you to locate your handset easily or to the page the handset from the base unit.

Hold - Allows you to easily put your callers on hold via the handset.

Transfer - Allows you to transfer calls to another line with one button through your PBX or Key system.

20 Number Memory - Allows you to store up to 20 phone numbers for quick and easy speed dialing.

Hot Swap Battery - During a conversation, you can swap the battery in the handset without disconnecting the line. Swapping must be done within 20 seconds.

Compact Handset - The ANA9710 incorporates state-of-the-art compact design for optimum mobility.

Standby Battery Recharge System (ANA9710) - The ANA9710 comes equipped with a drop-in charge cradle to accommodate the backup battery charging system. (Optional backup battery is not included)

10 Channels (ANA9710) - Support up to 10 simultaneous calls in any given environment.

Belt Clip - A sturdy belt clip is included for maximum mobility.