Uniden CEZAI998 5.8 GHz Phone

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Uniden CEZAI998 5.8 GHz Phone

A Corded/Cordless Phone that's Ideal for the Sight or Hearing Impaired

Features & Info

* Flashing Visual Ringer and Message LED - LEDs flash during incoming calls or when a new message is received
* One Touch Emergency Dial - Store 911 or a contact number of your choice for fast emergency dialing.
* Adjustable hi-volume audio ringer - Visual ringer LED will flash even when ringer volume is set to off.
* Easy-to-Read Backlit Display
* Extra Large Keypad for Easy Dialing
* 5.8 GHz Technology
* CID (Caller ID) Announce - on base only
* Hearing Aid Compatible - Meets all of the requirements for compatibility of inductively coupled hearing aids.
* Digital Answering System - The product utilizes microchip technology (no more tapes or moving parts.) This ensures clearer recordings and longer life.
* Power Failure Protection - In the event of a power failure, vital information is retained and telephone calls can be made and received on line 1.
* Ringer Volume Control
* Caller ID/Call Waiting - Displays the name and number of the caller in Call Waiting even while you are on the phone. To activate the Caller ID features, you must subscribe through your telephone company.
* New Message Indication
* Trilingual Language Support - English/French/Spanish
* Headset Capability