Uniden DCT746M 2.4 GHz Digital Expandable System

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Uniden DCT746M 2.4 GHz Digital Expandable System

1 Caller ID Handset with Main Base

Features & Info

* 2.4GHz Digital Expandable
* Backward/Forward Compatibility - Your phone may be compatible with other Uniden phones using 2.4GHz Digital Expandable Systems. Look for the technology icon on our product boxes.
* Mossy Oak Camo Print Version
* 4 Handset Maximum Expandability
* Caller ID/Call Waiting - Displays the name and number of the caller in Call Waiting even while you are on the phone. To activate the Caller ID features, you must subscribe through your telephone company.
* 3-Way Conferencing (2 Handsets + Outside Call)
* 80 Programmable Memory Locations with Alphabetical Search
* 10 Speed Dial Locations in Handset
* 34 Different Ringer Options, Including 14 Animal Sounds* - Animals include: Bear, Boar, Crickets, Deer, Dove, Elephant, Elk, Goose, Hawk, Owl, Quail, Tiger, Turkey and Wolf
* Distinctive Ringer Options
* Voice Mail Waiting Indicator at Handset w/Access Key
* Intercom or Call Transfer Between Handsets
* DirectLink™ Mode - 2-Way Radio Communication
* Audio Tone/Clarity Boost Setting
* Room Monitoring
* Headset Compatible - Allows for an optional headset to be connected for convenient hands-free operation.
* Earpiece & Ringer Volume Control
* Find Lost Handset Key
* Desk or Wall Mountable - Saves space and charges in two positions - horizontally on a desk or in the hanging position.