Uniden DCT7565 Cordless Phone

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Uniden DCT7565 Cordless Phone

Dual Keypad Cordless Telephone

Features & Info

* Caller ID/Call Waiting - Displays the name and number of the caller in Call Waiting even while you are on the phone. To activate the Caller ID features, you must subscribe through your telephone company.
* Speakerphone on Base
* Speakerphone on Handset
* Personalized Ringers
* 10 Speed Dial Memory Locations
* 10 Ring Tones + 10 Melodies
* DirectLink™ Technology - 2-way Radio Communication
* 100 Dynamic Memory Locations
* Base Keypad
* New Message or VoiceMail Indicator+ - +To activate the Caller ID or VoiceMail features, you must subscribe through your telephone company.
* Conference Calling** - 4-Way
* Banner Display - Name Each Handset
* Trilingual Menu Displays - English / French / Spanish
* Do Not Disturb (DND) - Silence the phone so you can work without distractions.
* Room Monitoring
* Ringer and Speaker Volume Controls
* Mute and Hold Function
* Last 3 Number Redial
* Desk or Wall Mountable - Saves space and charges in two positions - horizontally on a desk or in the hanging position.
* Belt Clip Included