VTech IP8300 Internet Phone

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VTech IP8300 Internet Phone

DECT 6.0 expandable cordless phone system with access to online content

Key Features

* DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
* Expandable up to 5 handsets using only one phone jack
* Caller ID/call waiting--stores 40 calls
* High resolution 64K color display
* Handset speakerphone—enjoy hands-free conversations

Additional Features

* 60 name and number phonebook directory--easily store and dial frequently called numbers
* Conference an outside call between handsets
* Intercom between handsets—no more shouting, "Dinner Time!"
* Transfer calls between handsets—no more shouting, "It's for you!"
* Any key answer
* Backlit keypad and display
* Comfortable handset size
* Handset volume control
* Selectable ring tones
* Voicemail waiting indicator

Access To Online Content

* PC independent—connect the telephone base to your broadband router for always-on access
* Personalized Internet content includes: news headlines, sports scores, horoscopes and weather forecasts on the handset
* Yahoo! Local search—find a plumber or your favorite restaurant from the handset

Yahoo® Communication Services

* Access your Yahoo! address book
* Real-time IM chat and access to your buddy list
* Review and respond to e-mail


* Create secure individual profiles for each member of the family
* Customize ring tones, wallpaper and color theme